12 Study Devotional By Hillsong Young & Free


“In Your Eyes”

My heart, my identity
Jesus you are all I need

Imagine if our lives were like a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and we started with one piece, not knowing how all the other pieces connect.
There’s a piece for each of the things we do every day, like going to school or playing sport. On top of that, there’s a piece for all the people we encounter – one for each of our family & friends, a bus driver…you get the drift. There’s also a piece for all your dreams about the future and things you want to achieve. Finally, there are random pieces that represent things that happen beyond your control.
All the pieces lay before you, and you have to try and connect them together to form a clear picture at the end.

Okay. Ready…go!
We begin strong, fitting a puzzle piece here, joining it to that piece there. We keep going until we realise we’ve connected a few wrong pieces or we’re missing a few – our puzzle is incomplete.
Now, most people would probably try for a period of time…but eventually we would most likely put that in the “too hard” basket.

But what if we were able to start by knowing the full picture?

The Bible describes Jesus as being able to take all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe and fit them together in vibrant harmonies, almost like a completed jigsaw puzzle. Why? Because he was there before the world was created and he will be there long after we are gone – he sees the entire picture of our lives from beginning to end.

When we look at our world – our everyday activity, the people we encounter, our hopes and dreams for the future – through the eyes of Jesus, it makes sense of every part of our lives. We know that with every piece of our lives, God is fitting us together piece by piece, to create a complete picture - one more grand than we could ever imagine!

We see now in part, and will see in eternity in full.

1) What are some of the main pieces in your life when it comes to everyday life, people & dreams for the future?
2) What does God say about them?
3) How can we keep sight of the complete picture God has for us?

Ask God to show you his plan for your life and how he can use the pieces of your life this week.