12 Study Devotional By Hillsong Young & Free



I know that you are for me
When everything’s against me
I put all my hope in you

Home ground advantage.
Three words that sports champions love to hear when they’re about to face the opposition. Their competitors have a higher chance of losing because the home team is able to compete on familiar territory with the backing of a loud support crowd. You can always tell who they’re supporting - all decked out in their team’s colors, faces painted, flags waving and loud cheering.
They are passionate about their team!

How cool is it to know that whenever we face opposition in our lives, the Bible says that God is wildly passionate about us & is backing us all the way along with a giant heavenly cheer squad. We don’t have to feel overwhelmed or anxious when His presence is our home ground, our familiar territory. It's in those moments that we realize that we can allow him to put courage in our hearts and determination in our steps to face whatever trial is in front of us, because we know that in the end we’ve already won.

And now for the best part.
God doesn’t just sit in the grand stands and cheer us on from a distance. No, he’s way too passionate about us to just do that. He walks out onto the field and takes his place right next to us ready to face our rivals alongside us. We’re talking about God here…the original Mr. Universe, the star-breathing God who created everything we know and see. No opposition could even come close to topping him!

So don’t ever feel overwhelmed when you are facing something that seems tough & threatening.
God is on your side, and He is for you.

1) Who is your favorite sports team or athlete?
2) How do I respond when I’m facing a tough situation?
3) What does the Bible encourage us to do in these situations?

Spend a few minutes getting familiar with your home ground – God’s presence. Maybe in your bedroom or somewhere quiet, play some worship music and open His word and allow Him to speak words of courage into you.