12 Study Devotional By Hillsong Young & Free


“Falling Into You”

I lived my life to the limit
Where I met the end of myself
I see the edge but I know below me

The Bible often points us in a direction that can seem contrary to the way society sees things:
“if we want to lead we must learn to serve”
“we receive more when we give”
“love your enemy”

It's easy to read and hear these statements and think that what God is asking of us is unattainable – there is no way that we could ever achieve any of these.
But that’s exactly the point.
Without Jesus we cannot.

We allow ourselves to fall into the trap time and time again of wanting to produce a perfect performance, when really what God has always and will always be looking for is our total reliance on Him. Do we have the courage to fling ourselves off the edge of our insecurities and free-fall into his all-sufficient grace?

That is what the Bible means when it says in Matthew 5:3 “blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” In the Message version it says “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. That’s the moment you find God and more of his rule.”

It is not our performance that qualifies us for His grace, it’s a heart that says “God, without you I have nothing and can do nothing." It’s in those moments that we find He is everything that we need and because of that, we can do all things.

1) What areas of my life do I find it easy to trust God with?
2) Are there areas in my life that I have been trying to work out on my own?
3) How can I totally rely on God in these areas of my life?

Write down 3 things that you are going to totally rely on God for this week and declare Philippians 4:13 over it.