12 Study Devotional By Hillsong Young & Free


“To My Knees”

When you breathe within
You turn winter into spring

Do you have a favorite season in the year?
Some people love the warmer seasons because they involve beach trips, cool nights and chocolate ice cream. Others prefer the kind of season where they can throw on a comfy sweater and enjoy a good movie while warming up next to a cozy fire.

Each season has its purpose and time, even the ones that we don’t always enjoy.
Winter can sometimes be a difficult season in nature. Trees have already lost their leaves and stop producing fruit, exposing its bareness to the harsh cold.
Seasonally we too are stripped of our visible fruit – the things we produce. Our giftings are hidden; our abilities are underestimated. When previous successes fade and current efforts falter, we can easily mistake our fruitlessness for failure.

But a tree still thrives in the Winter. Just because we can’t see any activity on the outside doesn’t mean that there is nothing happening on the inside. Winter is a time to repair & prepare for a new season of growth.

God does the same in our lives.
He is at work within us in our Winter seasons, even when we cannot see any evidence of change, and is able to bring out the dreams and giftings that he has placed within us at the right time.

1) Which is your favorite season in the year & why do you love it?
2) What spiritual “season” do you find yourself in at the moment?
3) What do you think God is forming in you in this season?

Go for a walk and take a look at what is happening in nature, and ask God to speak to you about your current season.