12 Study Devotional By Hillsong Young & Free


“Real Love”

In your heart I’m found
I want you, I want you

Our ‘want’ is a powerful thing.
It’s a constant search for satisfaction, a desire for something we are yet to have or need more of.

As a baby, every human being is born with a desire to be loved & accepted, and as we grow, so too does this desire. We find satisfaction in friendships, in experiences and in things we can buy…but eventually we realize they are not enough to satisfy this internal hunger.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that God has written eternity in our hearts, meaning that inside each and every one of us, we have this desire for something eternal… a desire for someone who will give us this love, life & meaning forever.

No human can meet those needs and desires for love; only God. We definitely don’t find answers in the clothes we wear or the technology we own – as great as they are, they are ever changing with each new trend that comes. And any experience we encounter is only short-lived…it's not long before we find ourselves back to reality wishing we had more.

No, we desire the real thing.
A real love which can only be found in Jesus.
That’s why he encourages us to seek Him first, to want Him above all else, and let everything else fall into place behind Him.

1) What does society say about our wants?
2) What does the Bible say about the things we want?
3) How can we grow our hunger for the things of God?

Think of ways you can share God’s real love with the people around you.