Jesus, the Promised Rescuer: An Advent Family Devotional


The Promise of His Life

Unlike our lives of sin and rebellion against God, the Rescuer’s life would be one of godly wisdom, righteousness, faithfulness, and respect for the Lord. Though our lives could not meet God’s perfect standard, His would.

Connect with Kids

  • How easy is it for you to always trust in God and do what is right? (It is very hard to be completely faithful and righteous. In fact, it is impossible.)

  • Is it good news that Jesus is completely faithful and righteous? (Yes because, by faith in Him, He gives us the credit for His faithfulness and righteousness.)

Further Reflection

By faith we are united with this righteous Lord. How should that truth affect the way we live?

Prayer Point

Thank God for the perfect life of Jesus Christ. Ask Him to help you trust Him and reflect His righteousness in your own life.