Jesus, the Promised Rescuer: An Advent Family Devotional


The Promise of His Coming

Although His perfect creation had just been corrupted by the arrival of sin in Genesis 3, God promised that sin and Satan would not have the final victory. The Rescuer would come to crush Satan, ending the rebellion he led against God. His people may have been under the curse of sin, but God promised them that He would fight for them and win them back to Himself.

Connect with Kids

  • Hostility means that two things are against each other. What set God and Satan against each other? (Satan turned against God, and then tempted man to do the same.)

  • Who does this verse say will defeat Satan in the end? (The offspring of woman—this points to Jesus.)

  • How does it make you feel knowing that God has already written the end of the story? (It gives us confidence that God is in control.)

Further Reflection

Christ is our great Victor, defeating an enemy that we never could. Knowing that He intercedes on our behalf (Romans 8:34), meditate on what this means to you.

Prayer Point

Take some time to praise God for His perfect plan to rescue us from our sin and rebellion. Tell Him how grateful you are that, in Christ, the victory is won.