Jesus, the Promised Rescuer: An Advent Family Devotional

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


The Promise of His Birth

The Expected One would be born of a young woman through a miraculous birth that could only be God’s doing. This miracle would be the sign that God Himself is now with us—Immanuel. God gave this promise during a time in which it didn’t even look like His people would survive; but He assured them that, as always, He had a plan for them.

Connect with Kids

  • Who is the young woman spoken of in Isaiah 7:14? (Mary, the mother of Jesus.)

  • In this verse, God tells us that Jesus’ birth would be a miracle. Can you think of any reasons why Jesus’ birth would need to be different than all other births? (Parents, encourage your children to think through some possibilities for why Jesus came to earth in a supernatural way. For instance, it showed that He is unique; or it showed that salvation comes only from God.)

Further Reflection

This truth is likely very familiar to you, but that shouldn’t make it any less astounding. What are some ways that we tend to take God’s miraculous works for granted?

Prayer Point

Celebrate the miraculous! Thank God for the wonderful truth that, in Christ, He came to dwell with us.