Jesus, the Promised Rescuer: An Advent Family Devotional


The Promise of His Death

The heart of God’s rescue plan would be His willingness to step in to redeem His people from judgment. Just as the Passover lamb died in order to save the lives of Israel’s firstborn sons, the Rescuer would die to save His people from the curse of death.

Connect with Kids

  • Why did the firstborn sons of the Israelites not die during this plague in Exodus 12? (The people trusted God, who said that He would save them, and the lamb died in place of the sons.)

  • What did the lamb do to deserve to die? (Nothing, just like Jesus, who died in our place.)

Further Reflection

With the sacrifice of an animal, the people of God had a visible reminder of the penalty for sin. Do you think this helped them grasp the serious nature of their sin? The next time you take part in the Lord’s Supper, reflect on how the bread and wine serve to remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Prayer Point

Ask God to help you always remember the deadly consequences of sin. Praise Jesus for being the spotless Lamb who provides a way of salvation.