Jesus, the Promised Rescuer: An Advent Family Devotional


The Promise of His Resurrection

The Rescuer would be crushed, but that was the plan all along. By His death, God’s people would be brought back from their slavery to sin. He would be counted as a sinner and would willingly take the punishment. By faith, God’s people would be counted as innocent. But God also planned that the Rescuer’s sacrificial death would not be the end of His story—despite His death, God would prolong His days.

Connect with Kids 

  • Did God plan on letting Jesus stay dead? (No, after Jesus died for our sins, God planned on raising Him back to life, where Jesus would see and be satisfied by what He had done.) 

  • What does it mean when it says the Rescuer would “justify” His people? Hint: another translation says He would cause us to be “accounted righteous.” (It means that if we have faith in Jesus’ sacrifice, God considers us to be without sin. We get the credit for Jesus’ perfect life.)

Further Reflection

Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-15. In light of the death and resurrection of Jesus, how are we to live?

Prayer Point

Praise God that His rescue plan always included Jesus’ glorious resurrection.


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