Finding Joy in the Rooms of a Mother’s Heart


The Front Porch

Our children don’t belong to us; they are on loan from the Father. What a glorious arrangement between God and mothers! For eighteen years, we are called to partner with heaven in raising a man or a woman for the kingdom of God. 

It is a step-by-step process but each step prepares us for the final goodbye. There comes a day when a nursing baby stops nursing and graduates to the sippy cup. There comes a day when a baby who has loved to be carried decides that it is time to walk. There comes a day when children no longer want to be read to but learn how to read for themselves. All of those experiences become part of the front porch of a mother’s heart.

Learn to love the moments when you are preparing a human to be part of the greater plan of God. It’s a historic opportunity for a woman to be an integral part of God’s solution to a dark world. These future men and women are not yours but are His. Release them gladly and cheer for them. It’s what mothers do on the front porch of their hearts.

Why can’t little girls keep giggling and dancing? Is there a law against little boys staying little? Why must we add a candle every year to a child’s birthday cake?

There is one eternal, simple yet ravaging answer to those questions: “It’s the plan of God for children to grow up and leave.” God has called every human being to grow up and go; your children don’t receive a pass just because you are their mom. We serve a God who loves to see His baby birds flutter their as yet untried wings and then begin to soar into their destinies. Although we serve a God who never changes, we serve a God who loves to stir up change.

The front porch is where a mother chooses to begin again and where she prays for a new and divine purpose. The front porch is a place of increased adventures and greater callings. An empty nest is not nearly so empty when a weeping mother allows God to fill up every corner of every room of her heart.

This is the moment for which you were created, dear mom! You were created for the front porch!

Practical Application:

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