Finding Joy in the Rooms of a Mother’s Heart


The Prayer Closet

The prayer closet of your heart is a quiet place yet it is a room of unmatched power and unyielding purpose. Your greatest battles as a mother will be fought and will be won in the prayer closet of your heart. If you refuse to spend time there, you will always be frustrated, always be impatient, and always be denying your children the greatest gift you can give to them. When you diligently and faithfully pray for your children, your prayers become the conduit through which God’s power and His blessing are delivered to your children’s lives.

A child whose mother prays has inherited an endowment greater than an Ivy League education offers, than a successful family business ensures, or a million-dollar inheritance provides. Your prayers will live beyond your life and will follow your children for decades to come. In the heart of a mother, the call to prayer should be louder and more compelling than the call to shop, socialize, or exercise. You must prioritize prayer…you simply must. You must spend hours of time in this restorative and persuasive corner of your heart; in this place, you will take mighty territory for the kingdom of God through your children’s lives.

The greatest parenting resource you have been given is the resource of prayer. When you pray, you will ascertain that your child is in the heart and hands of the One who created them before the foundation of the world. When you pray, you can be assured that the One who cares the most is working behind the scenes to perform a miracle.

When you come boldly into the presence of the Father, He will be there to help you and listen to your concerns as a mother. Tell Him fearlessly what your needs are and what your children’s needs are. He wants to know! He longs to hear your heart and partner with you in the daunting assignment of motherhood.

This is a glorious and eternal purpose! As a believer and as a mother, your job assignment is to ask of the Father. He has committed in His Word to give you what you and your child need according to His perfect will.

Will you pray?