Finding Joy in the Rooms of a Mother’s Heart

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The Library

I have always longed to have a library in my home, a room solely dedicated to the housing of exquisite books from floor to ceiling. A library is a place of quiet repose, instant learning, and vivid imagination. I do believe that every time I would enter that exciting yet quiet room of my imagination, my heart would begin to beat faster with the adrenaline of anticipation.

Certainly, if the Bible describes God as the Word, then it stands to reason that words are important in His kingdom. If you desire to give your children a head start in their education and a solid foundation for future academia, then you, as the mother, must have an awe-inspiring library in your heart. You must read aloud to your children and give them books for their birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. You must turn off your screens and read the tales and adventures of childhood to the impressionable crew that you have been given.

Your children will learn to love what you tenderly present to them; if your children have been given the priceless gift of a mother who reads, you are well on your way to developing voracious readers as well. The habit of ingesting literature is able to strengthen your walk with the Lord and develop the faith of your children.

Words have the power to change, to enlarge, and to teach. The books that are in your family home should become some of your children’s best friends as they grow up. If you love books, it is likely that your children will as well. Books can meet children at any age and help them to traverse the challenges of life.

One of your most consuming jobs as the librarian of the family home is to know which books your children should be reading and what particular books should be read to them at different ages and stages. You should always have at hand a new book for a child to meander through, whether it is from the library, borrowed from a friend, or a new book tucked away for a particular moment. Books should be doled out to your family just as healthy meals are given three times a day. There should never be a dearth of books in your family home, nor should the words, “Mom, I have nothing to read” ever be spoken.