Finding Joy in the Rooms of a Mother’s Heart

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The Classroom

I will always remember the feeling I had as a child that awakened in my heart the night before school began. How I loved school and everything that it represented!

In the classroom of your heart, you just might identify the deep callings and purposes for which you have been born. In the classroom of your heart, you will ascertain your why and your how. If nothing else, motherhood is most certainly a challenging classroom in life. The lessons that are taught, and hopefully caught, in the classroom of your heart, will equip you not only to be a better mother but also a wonderful wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

The day that you were born was a day of paramount importance. However, perhaps a day of greater impact and meaning is the day that you figure out why you were born. The discovery of your purpose in life, why God made you, and why history would be incomplete without the unique fingerprint of your heart is a day of unequaled significance in the life of any human being.

Merely discovering one’s destiny does not present enough information to ensure that you are able to live a life of divine purpose and power. To amplify the impact of your life, you need to know how.

It is in the classroom of your heart that you determine your how. You are more defined by your how than you are by your what. I knew what I was: a mom. Motherhood was my calling, identity, and purpose; motherhood was my noun. However, I had been given the awesome responsibility of determining my how. My assignment from heaven’s perspective was to regulate the how. God had designed me for motherhood, but I would decide what type of mom I would be.

It is in the classroom of your heart, as a mother, that you choose your adjective. You are a mom and nothing will ever change that wonderful calling on your life. However, remind yourself often that you are the only person on the face of the planet who is able to determine what type of mother you will become or you are. 

Will you parent with peace, kindness, joy, and celebration? Or will you leave a legacy of anger, impatience, unreasonable demands, and strife in the wake of your years of mothering your children? You choose.