Finding Joy in the Rooms of a Mother’s Heart


The Birthing Room

On the day of a baby’s birth, another birth is simultaneously taking place, for a mother is also born in that place of blood, pain, and fortitude. A woman who walks into the hospital great with child is a decidedly different woman who then walks out with a tiny baby in her arms. A woman who is bestowed with a miracle from another woman’s womb becomes a distinct person in that heartbeat when hers becomes mine.

The birthing room of a mother’s heart is unlike any other room due to the miracles that take place in the process and in the journey. There is a miracle that is happening to you, dear mom, and it is happening in the birthing room of your heart.

The birthing process, whether experienced physically or by adoption, exposes everything that is within us to those around us. It is for this very reason that you must be careful who is invited into the place where you give birth to identity and calling.

The birthing room of your heart should be filled with those who love you and are cheering for you on your journey. I always encourage pregnant women to cease to listen to the horror stories of others and only fill their hearts with the positive testimonies of those who see the purpose in spite of the pain. As you endeavor to produce the destiny of God in your life, listen to those who will encourage you and hold your hand during the transition.

Motherhood also gives birth to the most tremendous work that you will ever realize this side of eternity. The greatest work you will ever accomplish will be within the walls of your own home. The most expansive work you will ever produce will be among the ordinary people whose hearts belong to you.

You, as an ordinary woman, have given birth to God’s answer for the next generation. You, as a participant in the plan of God, have been bequeathed a unique child even if your body did not writhe in the pain of childbirth; your heart has ached with the pain of waiting for God to give you a child in His own generous manner. The hands of the Great Physician, even now, are gently nurturing you in your pain and in your promise. He has met you in the birthing room of your heart.