Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


Some years we just don’t feel it, right? The Christmas bliss that we’re “supposed” to feel this time of year. The adoration and joy that accompanies the day that our Saviour became flesh so He could be here with us on this earth. Some years we feel completely burdened.

The heaviness of what we see on the news outweighs the giddiness of putting up a pine tree in the living room.

The pulsing of our broken hearts from a year of deep confusion, loss and struggle brought on by COVID-19 beats louder than the Christmas carols on our speakers.

The echoes of our brothers and sisters crying in desperation because of the world’s injustices course deeper in our veins than our worshipful choruses.

Psalm 3 could have been written in our own time.

Notice the context of David’s psalm. David cries out to God amid his fear and grief. His son, Absalom, has led a rebellion against him, attempting to overthrow him. Can you imagine what that would feel like to have your own child hurt you in this way? 

Throughout this psalm, we see the overflow of David’s grief. He is overwhelmed by the masses of people who want to attack him. But even in this reality, he refuses to be shaken.

Breathe deeply and read the passage again. Take note of David’s posture as he cries out to God.

David’s confidence in God’s deliverance and protection, even when everything else around him was crumbling, teaches us something worth remembering in this Christmas season. 


  • What do you notice about David’s demeanour in the midst of fear and confusion? 
  • What words stick out to you? 
  • What would it look like for you to posture your heart and your head to God in times of difficulty?

Together, let’s lift our heads to our Mighty King, born to set us free from the chains that bind us.