Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


Come, light a candle, gather your friends, family and loved ones. Fill your tables, open the curtains, and let the light in. 

Our King has come! 

God has put on flesh to dwell among us. Let’s celebrate the glorious birth of our beautiful Saviour, Jesus Christ! 

Let’s worship Him together.

ListenHosanna by Josh Garrels


King Jesus, we adore You. Your life gives us life. You’ve called us close and called us friends. In You, we have our breath, our life, and our being. Jesus, the humility of Your coming speaks a greater story. It speaks of the kind of King You are. You are a King who has come, not to rule by the sword, but by servanthood. God, through Your Son, You have given us life and life abundant.

No more do we need to look for fulfilment in things that pass away! No more do we need to tie our identities to things that wither away. In You, our King born in a manger, we have all we need. We pray, Lord, as we move into this new year, You would propel us forward by Your Holy Spirit to live as You lived in Your time on earth. 

Teach us to keep our eyes fixed on You, regardless of the busyness that vies for our attention. 

Guide us to lift our heads up to Your goodness and Your glory when the world around us fills our hearts with heaviness.

Remind us to keep our knees bent as we daily put You on Your rightful throne, laying down our desires to make our lives all about us.

Inspire us to live with our hands open, giving freely to others out of the grace we’ve been given. 

And help us keep our arms wide to joyfully accept the gift of life You’ve given us and to worship You with our whole lives.

May our life postures ever be propelling Your Kingdom forward, our Prince of Peace. In this new upcoming year, may we love You with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, living as You lived and loving as You love. 


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