Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


Prayer is the posture that God invites us to when we feel that our world is closing in on us. When we feel burdened by the broken realities that we sit with. 

The beauty of prayer is that the Holy Spirit promises to intercede for us even when we can’t find the words to say. 

Jesus invites us to take our heavy loads and lay them at His feet. It might be hard for us to do, or we may still feel the anxiety when we hand over our cares to Him, but He promises to take on our load regardless of how big it is. 

Jesus invites us to find rest in His sovereignty. That is the beauty of the gift of the child in the manger. He is Emmanuel—God with us. 

Let’s pray.

Jesus, I come to You, acknowledging that this time of year can be challenging. I acknowledge that some days I don’t feel the joy and the glorious expectation of your coming. Some days I feel overwhelmed by the year that has passed. 

The losses, the grief, the confusion, the uncertainty, but I know, Lord, that I can hold the tension of Your goodness and the heaviness of this world without losing faith. 

I know that, even when it doesn’t make sense, You are still good. I pray that, as I prepare for the celebration of Your coming, I would be filled with peace and anticipation. You are the Great King who shoulders all the burdens, the Great King who raises my head to the heavens and lifts my feet from the miry clay.