Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


When we are fearful or overwhelmed with the world around us, our knee-jerk reaction tends to be to retreat and to avoid the things that are bringing on the hurt. 

We all have something we go to first before we go to Christ. It could be TV or social media, food, or other indulgences. 

These things aren’t bad in and of themselves, but when we use them as band-aids to comfort us, we will find that the comfort is only temporary. It floats away like a fishing boat tied to a pebble. 

What we tend to forget in these moments is that God is not far from us. In fact, He’s in it with us. He’s in all of it with us: the pain, the hurt, the scars, the confusion, the questioning. 


  • What habits have you cultivated that prevent you from looking up to Christ when you need comfort?
  • Where do you go when you feel overwhelmed by your hurt or the heaviness of the world around you? 
  • What guides can you set in place this Christmas season to help you cultivate a habit of looking to Christ for comfort instead of counterfeit comforts?

God is present and ready to lift your head away from the counterfeit comforts around you and toward His lasting hope. Look to Him today!