Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


Today on the final day of the second week of Advent, take some time in your morning or evening routine to still your heart, light a candle, and read through a Psalm of lament like Psalm 42 or Psalm 77

Bring your sorrows, questions, and fears to the Lord even if you cannot say a word. God promises for His Spirit to intercede for you with wordless groans (Romans 8:26).

Take some time to lift up those around you who are grieving or feeling weighed down from a year of heaviness. Those who have been especially impacted by the events of the year.


  • What practical things can you do in response to what God has taught you this week?
  • Who can you bless with a word of encouragement, a small gift, or a phone call just to let them know they’re not alone in this Christmas season?

Now, go and take one obedient step to shine your light and be an encouragement to another.