Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


Hope is a funny thing. It’s easy to have until it’s not; easy to cling to until something goes wrong. It’s a word that adorns our prayer journals and the art on our walls. It’s so pervasive in our culture that we have perhaps lost the potency of it. 

Hebrews 6:19 tells us that the hope we have through God’s Son, Jesus, is an anchor for our souls. 

Just like an anchor that holds a fishing boat in place through a raging storm, so too is the hope of Christ when the world around us is shifting beneath our feet. When we don’t have the answers anymore. When we’re ready to give up. 

Just like David when his own son set to overthrow him or like Mary when she was shaken by the news that she was to carry God’s son in her virgin womb, we’re invited to a holy clinging, a clinging to the God who promises us true and lasting hope when the world seems to be falling apart. Like an anchor, the hope we have through Christ is sturdy, present, and unshakable. 


  • How can you move the hope of Christ from being a nice, abstract idea to a tangible lifeline in times of confusion and trouble? 
  • What heart postures are you carrying into this Christmas season that are interfering with your ability to hope? 
  • Where else in scripture can you be reminded to stand firm in His hope and keep your head looking towards His firm and lasting hope?

Hold to the hope of God today, and let it be an anchor for your soul.