Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


Prayer is a mystery to a lot of people. 

It’s also a struggle for many, especially in a fast-paced, hurried world. Time to quietly converse with God seems sparse, and when we do carve it out, it seems impossible to focus with the flurry of thoughts constantly running through our minds. 

Try to quiet your mind even now. How many things are just buzzing in the background of your life?

Prayer is such an important part of our spiritual formation. 

Prayer isn’t about saying the right things or stringing together beautiful, perfectly crafted words. Prayer is about investing in our relationship with God and allowing it to form us. 

If we allow prayer to become a regular practice, it can begin to form us into a less hurried, more focused people, people whose eyes are ever fixed on Christ.

Let’s pray.

Jesus, I confess that there is often too much going on around me, distracting me from the abundant life You offer me and all Your people. In this season, guide me to the humble simplicity that marked Your birth, the first Christmas. Give me eyes to see the ways that I can simplify my life; so that I may more intentionally fix my eyes on You and all that You have for me.

Jesus, I want to have the posture of the Wise Men. I want my heart to be opened to You. I want to remember to worship You because You are good and because You came to be with us as a human baby to show us Love. I want to give my best to You, and I want to be open to the new ways that You are leading me. 

Thank You for this season and the ways it reminds me to un-hurry and fix my eyes on You, Jesus.