DIY for the Soul


I absolutely love home renovation shows. Good bones, Hometown, Fixer Upper- you name it. It always amazes me how these designers can walk into an old home and see past all of its obvious flaws, restoring it to its former glory. I would walk around these houses and probably make a long list of all the changes that needed to be made, and most likely want to give up before I got started. However, they recognize that most of these houses were wonderfully and structurally made, they just need a little TLC to bring them back. 

Sometimes I think we can feel like these rundown houses. We keep this internal checklist of all the things we need to “fix” or “change” about ourselves. When I’m feeling rundown, this verse reminds me to look around at His wonderful works- myself included, and go to Him with praise.

What negative thoughts about yourself are you holding onto? Give those thoughts to God. Pray for a clearer understanding of just how He created and sees you.