DIY for the Soul


Five years ago, there were three big corporate jobs that my company put a bid in for. We had great conversations with the clients and made an incredible sales pitch to show that we were the ones for the job. Life was great! Three huge corporate jobs were going to be landed! I felt so in-tune with God and felt like things were going right!

A few days went by and we got word that they went in a different direction. These jobs were going to provide months and months of revenue. All of sudden my thoughts went to "where is God"? It felt like Satan was trying to destroy me anyway he could.

This entire chapter, Psalm 23, was my life-saver during this time, but verses 5 and 6 stood out because in the middle of this storm, God was preparing a table for me and my cup would overflow. When everything around me seemed to be falling apart, I chose to lean into God and His word, to get me through.

Two days later, I got another call from another client that hired me on the spot for a project that helped cover the few months of revenue that I was short.

Take a look at your life and see how God is preparing a table for you in the middle of the storm.