Find Your Rhythm: Return to Healthy, Not to Normal


OTHERS — Community Health

Well done! Over the past 6 days, you’ve chosen to embrace new and healthy practices to help you begin to find the unforced rhythms of grace Jesus invites us to learn. Today the focus is not on inward-focused practices, rather, outward-focused practices to help others flourish.

Below are 3 simple practices to help you think about others and to love your neighbour as yourself…

1. Give Financially — Do you have money, or does money have you? Rather than being preoccupied with money and possessions, practice a rhythm of generosity. Commit to giving away a percentage (e.g. 10%) of your income. It could be giving your tithe, regular donations to a local charity or sponsoring children in developing nations.

2. Help a Neighbour — Martin Luther once defined sin as a “life turned in on itself.” Instead of individualism and isolation, create a rhythm of real presence with others. Commit to regularly helping your neighbours. Especially those who don’t look like you, sound like you or share your views. It could be as simple as mowing your elderly neighbours’ lawn or doing a grocery run for a single mum. Meeting the needs of others is always rewarding.

3. Live On Mission — In the same way that Jesus became a human and entered the neighbourhood to fulfil God’s mission, you are invited with Jesus in you, to enter your individual neighbourhood and live out the mission of restoring humanity back to God. Commit to a rhythm of sharing your faith regularly and living in a way which raises positive intrigue towards Jesus.

Malcolm Gladwell once said, “Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.” Continuing to apply each of these practices will help you find your new rhythm. You will begin to slow down, trust God and find more meaning, depth and richness in life.

Spend a few weeks outworking your new rhythm, and see how it feels. Set phone reminders, get an accountability partner and remember to have fun! You’ve got this and God’s got you!

For more inspiration and practical help living on mission and becoming a healthy Christian, download yesHEis today — A free app to help  you talk to people about Jesus.