Find Your Rhythm: Return to Healthy, Not to Normal


BODY — Physical Health

Is your body healthy? Being made in the image and likeness of God means your body matters. When you care for your body, you are glorifying God, you are being a good witness and you are equipping yourself to sustainably do what God has planned for you.

Below are 3 simple practices you could embrace to help you care for your body through rhythms of exercise, sleep and healthy alcohol consumption...

1. Get A Good Night’s Sleep — It goes without saying… Sleep is awesome! It enables your body to repair itself and be fit and ready for another day. A healthy rhythm of sleep would consist of at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep well, live well.

2. Drink Less Alcohol — Alcohol can become an easy source of comfort after a big day. Create an intentional rhythm that limits your intake, allows you to feel what you are truly feeling, and ultimately keeps you in control. You may choose to have a drink every third day, or only on weekends.

3. Exercise Daily — The proven benefits of daily exercise are extensive! Weight loss, increased energy and reduced stress are just a few. A healthy exercise rhythm can be as simple as a daily run around the block, a 30-minute walk or a serious HIIT class. Whatever you choose, choose to do it often.

We’ve all had grand ‘new year resolutions’ which have fallen flat quickly. A healthy physical rhythm isn’t about reaching perfection quickly. It is about committing to growth over time. Commit to outworking your new rhythm for a month and see how it feels.