Find Your Rhythm: Return to Healthy, Not to Normal

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Find & Explore Healthly Rhythms

Your life has a rhythm. Whether you know it or not, your daily practices and habits create a rhythm. Your rhythm is the beat of your life and determines how you ultimately live. The question is, is your current rhythm intentional, balanced and healthy?

Jesus invites each of us to learn His unforced rhythms of grace. He promised that He wouldn’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on us. Rather, a life kept in company with Him is a life lived freely and lightly. The problem is, life seems more stressed, fast-paced and tiring than what Jesus promises. It is as though the pressure to do more, post more and be more is stronger than our desire to learn His unforced rhythms of grace. It is as though we’ve got our wires crossed and priorities a little mixed up.

If you were honest with yourself, would you say you are thriving or surviving? Does your life feel full of meaning and depth? If not, maybe it is time to slow down, trust God and begin to learn His unforced rhythms of grace. Maybe it is time to find your rhythm, explore healthy habits and commit to keeping company with Jesus.

Today, spend time contemplating your current rhythm and your current life pace. List out your current practices and habits and imagine what a more intentional and healthy rhythm could look like. A healthy rhythm isn’t about reaching perfection quickly. It is about committing to growth over time with Jesus by your side.

Over the next 6 days, explore simple, practical and healthy habits which you can embrace to help you holistically begin to live the deep and meaningful life God intended you to live.