Find Your Rhythm: Return to Healthy, Not to Normal


SOUL — Spiritual Health

Is your soul healthy? You are the only one who can care for your soul. Others can encourage, nudge or remind you, but no one can take care of it but you. Like a garden, it requires regular cultivation, pruning and fertilisation to allow it to truly flourish.

Below are 3 simple practices you could embrace to help your soul flourish. They will help you learn fresh ways to become aware of your spirituality through prayer, scripture and community...

1. Read the Bible Daily — Reading the Bible reminds you that God is in control, that His grace is sufficient and that you need Him. You could start with a simple ‘Proverb’ a day, subscribe to a Bible reading plan like this one, or meditate on the ‘Psalms’. Whatever you decide, rather than racing through your reading, choose to slow down your rhythm and seek to understand what God is saying to you.

2. Regular Prayer — A foundational habit for all spiritual maturity is having a daily time with God. Regular prayer is a rhythm that solidifies your spiritual growth. You could choose to pray ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ each morning, commit to daily ‘Examen’ or simply invite the Holy Spirit to lead your every moment.

3. Attend Church — It has been said that ‘we are better together’ and it is true! You need others, and others need you! The Christian life cannot be done in isolation. Establish a rhythm where you attend church weekly (either online or in-person). The atmosphere of faith, worship, and community will help you grow spiritually.

While each of these practices may seem rudimentary, they are pivotal to a sustainable and healthy spiritual life. Why not commit to embracing one of these for the next month.