Kirk Franklin - Losing My Religion

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There are moments in life that will always be hard to forget. Moments when you heard news that was so transformative that you can still recall the day and time they happened. The 3am anxious whisper from your wife that the baby was coming…It’s time.

The preacher coming into the mock dressing room at the church that Saturday to tell you that everyone was in place to start the wedding ceremony…It’s time.

The job interview that kept you up the night before preparing and practicing your presentation. With your checking account overdrawn, car note due and your parents ready for you to move out and get your own place; you really need this job to come through. The door swings open and the receptionist invites you to come back with her to meet the vice president of the company. With one last nervous bathroom break…It’s time.

This song embodies all of those emotions with the focal point being on the sovereign conductor of the universe that was behind all of those scenes pulling the providential strings to make these things revealed in the natural world. That He alone orchestrates the “when’s” and “how’s” of our lives, and just when we are mature enough, settled enough, satisfied with Him enough, opens up the windows of heaven and whispers it’s time to pour down blessings we don’t have enough room to receive.

Out of all the moments you’ll ever be able to recall in your life’s journey, nothing is sweeter than when God answers a prayer. You see His hand direct the traffic in your life to the destinations of your heart. If only I can keep my eyes off of my own watch, and trust that His plans have no expiration date. But most importantly, He loves me too much, to give me too much. His time is connected to my capacity. Why buy keys before your kid gets the license? So no matter how long we wait, pray, and search the skies for our time to receive some “Melodies From Heaven,” it will all be worth it when God looks at our character, integrity, maturity, and most importantly, our love for Him over anything else and says, IT’S TIME!