Kirk Franklin - Losing My Religion

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I was watching CNN one morning and the news just seemed to be a never-ending cycle of bad. From tsunamis to Middle East tension, I couldn't help but feel that with all of the progress we've made in technology and science, they cannot fix the brokenness that's deeper inside of us all.

We yell and complain, but I thought for a moment, what if the created things around us had a voice in the problems we're submerged in as well? What if the flower and the animals that roam the planets had a voice to speak on the heartbreak we all feel as another school shooting or storm destroys an entire island of humanity.

That's where this song came from. This is the song that oak trees could sing. The melody that birds would harmonize together on. The chorus that every ocean would lend their parts to as they ache with pollution and climate change. The entire earth would turn up the amplifiers of heaven, grab the closest galaxy and use it as their microphone and painfully sing “WHEN OH LORD, WILL YOU RETURN TO ERASE THE HURT AND RENEW THE CLOCK?”

We can't hear them, but we see them. We feel in the wind's breeze the conversation that something is going on in the invisible realm. If we are tired of all the bad news - so are they. But until then, let's speak for them. Let's remind the planet every chance we can that money, policies, nor religion can fix what hurts. Only when God is seen as the antidote to our "WHEN" can we have hope that even though His watch doesn't keep "our" time, He promises to be right "on" time.

I can't wait. Neither can the bird I see on the edge of this pond in front of me. I wonder what he hears!

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