Kirk Franklin - Losing My Religion

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This song is probably the most personal one on the album. The gift of songwriting can be an interesting thing to manage because it all depends on Him speaking the inspiration for the song. If He doesn’t speak, there’s nothing to write.

While writing this album there was one particular day that the juices were not flowing and the ideas seemed to be cold and distant. That same day I had scheduled a financial meeting with my CPA and my wife to go over some financials. Being a small businessman often my personal finances keep my company afloat. Well, during this season of writing for the album that was more often than not.

While in the meeting, I was already stressed because of the writers block, which is not something I experience often, and meeting about money was not going to help it! As the meeting continued to go deeper and deeper into the bills that needed to be paid, I began to have anxiety about what was in front of me financially. The more frustrated I became the more the anxiety built up until something, or should I say “someone,” lifted me from the dining room chair and onto the piano bench where in my desperation for God to enter into the anxieties that were suffocating me until something happened like it had never happened before.

An entire song came as I sat there hurting and feeling like a loser. The words and melody:
“Jesus, please mention my name / When you talk to your Father today.
Life down here feels so strained / And my brokenness is in the way.
I’m not, that good / Don’t pray like I should
Yet I’m amazed you get me through / He sees me, but He hears you.”

In that instant, the song I needed came from the pain I rejected. No pain, no song. It is the incredible God using all things to work together for our good.