Kirk Franklin - Losing My Religion

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I’ll be honest with you; I am not a fan of a lot of the movements we’ve seen in the modern day faith. I have a hard time stomaching a lot of the late night preachers that promise that their water flown in from a secret spring in Madagascar (which I seriously doubt), can fix arthritis and your big toe that doesn’t stop swelling.

The get rich quick or the “great life” that we promise people never teaches contentment, which the Bible says is of greater worth. When was the last time you heard your minister encourage you to be happy where you are? To be grateful where you are? To chase after God because of who He is and not for just what he does. Or the fact that waking up everyday that is not promised is in itself, a miracle.

Oh, Miracles! It’s the first song I wrote, or should I say “God gave me,” for this album. I was in my closet going through socks, when this beautiful melody hit me upside my head like a boxing match. It felt like a movie score in my body. I could feel the movement of the bridges as they played out in my mind. But more than anything, I wanted to paint a picture of what a miracle is truly meant to be.

It was never just meant to be a supernatural parting of the red sea, or a rainstorm that could carry a man made Barquentine, ready to sail until the earth returned dry again, but miracles are in front of us EVERYDAY. We miss them, because we don’t look for them. We are always gazing at the bigger fish, only to miss the small drops of wonder in our own pond of grace.

If you have health and strength, talk to a paraplegic to get a clear sense of what a miracle is. If you have healthy kids, walk the tiny tombstones of the cemetery to be reminded of how quickly your life and dreams can change. I am guilty too…I complain and envy what seems to be the ease of others, only to slap God in the face daily by not being grateful for all the mercy I’m shown on a daily basis.

While we’re quick to pray for the miracle we want, don’t forget to give thanks for the miracle you already are.