Kirk Franklin - Losing My Religion

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As a Christian, do you ever feel like you’re always losing the fight in this world? No matter how hard you try to be on top of your game at work, or study harder than the next guy to be prepared to execute at your best, someone who doesn’t share the same values as you do, always seems to come in first place at everything.

Even in your personal life. You fight to be faithful, but infidelity still snuck in and robbed you of your wedding vows. But your spirit still tells you to fight for your marriage anyway! Kinda sucks doesn’t it?!

Only if you look through the lens of today or the telescope of this life, do you feel like, “What’s the use of serving God if you always lose in the end?” But what you need in your world is HIS world.

That’s the message this song conveys. In a world that feels like we never win, it’s the Hero that offers another greater truth. That the world we live in now can be survived with the right gear. We need supernatural power to make it in this world, so what God does is bring His world into ours and the strength of heaven is now infused into our hopelessness so we can swim with the sharks and still survive.

If you are swimming underwater, you need to bring something from your world into that world. Since you can’t breathe underwater like the fish swimming around you, you need to bring your own oxygen into their world. And the deeper you go, the bigger your tanks need to be. You can’t survive in this world with snorkeling gear, because that won’t take you deep enough. You need tanks full of HIM that can help you survive amongst the sharks or whatever else is around you.

God does that by filling us with His word and His presence, but it is our responsibility to take it, to fill up on it, and carry it into the deep parts of this dark foreign world. And your tanks can’t be filled with just emotion and religion. They must be filled with that LOGOS-God breathed word that is able to transform you so you have power, hope and joy no matter what this life may bring. I want that. I know you want that. And we all need it. It’s available if we would just ask…My World Needs You.