Kirk Franklin - Losing My Religion

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When I first started working on this song, I knew that happiness was something that every human desires. We spend a lot of money on pleasure. From the clothes we buy, to the trips we take, to the gym memberships to stay physically fit; a lot of time is put into trying to just be happy.

The problem is no one ever told us that true happiness is not the outer work, but the inner work. Which leads me to say that the reason many never achieve this goal is because the inner work is the hardest work there is.

Buying a dress or a new pair of sneaks doesn’t interrupt your personal space. It doesn’t force you to dig deep, throw things away, confess some secrets and grow up. Basically, you can’t “wish” to be happy, you must “work” to be happy.

My wife and I have been married for twenty years this January. I promise you, the joy we have now in our marriage didn’t come from shopping sprees or summer trips. It came from some of the darkest nights and tears that felt like they would never end.

The fruit of this beautiful life that I have with my girl comes from a choice. A choice to honor God so deeply that my commitment to Him had to be reflected in my commitment to her. And through that work, we see more good days than bad.

You can stay at the altar until your knees are ashy. You can pray until your mouth is dry. It is only when you stand up from the pew and put faith in action, will you see the enemy-in-a-me begin to change into true happiness. And lastly, happiness often is based on what’s happening…

When God steps into the party, now we’ve got joy! Pull over; let Jesus take the wheel, if you Wanna Be Happy!

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