GO2020 | ENGAGE: April Week 2 - SHARE

Day 6 of 7 • This day’s reading



April 17— Peter Preaches the Good News, Part 2


Acts 2:22-36


Death could not hold Jesus in the tomb. That was impossible! Jesus rose again! And now Jesus has sent his Spirit on those who believed on him to be witnesses—witnesses of his death and resurrection!


Reread the Scripture passage. You’ve now read it two days in a row. Does anything stand out to you differently than it did yesterday? Consider the ENGAGE questions again. Don’t be afraid of the repetition. We learn more about God each time we read and reread his Word.

· What does it say about God?

· What does it say about us?

· Is there a promise to trust?

· Is there a command to obey?

· How will I apply this Scripture to my life?

· Who will I show that I care by sharing this truth?


Now read this week’s memory verse, Acts 1:8. Spend a few minutes working to memorize it.