The Drive


The Art of Intercession

The word intercession is defined as a devoted and strong prayer for someone else. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with the heaviness of someone on your mind? Maybe you can’t stop thinking about that person you haven’t spoken to in weeks or months. Perhaps (most likely), this is God wanting you to stop what you’re doing to take time to urgently pray for that person.

Our culture preaches looking out for yourself. Unfortunately, we often find it easier to pray for what serves us best and what we want the most, embracing the values of our culture. But there is such a power inside of you that when you stop to pray for the needs of others, God often responds in supernatural ways on their behalf. In fact, when we focus on the needs of others, God has a unique way of meeting our very own needs.


You want to be used by God in a significant way? Begin to urgently pray for the needs of others. Take the focus off your needs and wants, and shift it to those around you.