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What do I Pray?

This portion of Scripture is commonly referred to as the “Lord’s Prayer”, but in reality is a model prayer demonstrated by Jesus for His followers.

It is far too easy to get lost when you pray. It happens to everyone. We are surrounded by so much hurt, disease, animosity, etc… that our minds have a tough time remembering what to pray for. That’s why Jesus demonstrated what we should pray. It’s a clear and concise prayer that focuses on five things. Those things are: God’s goodness and perfection, God’s will, God’s provision, God’s forgiveness, and God’s deliverance.

Praying with an attitude of thanksgiving lays the framework for your life. Don’t approach your prayer life with a list of complaints or frustrations, but with a gratitude that honors all God has already done in your life with the expectation that greater things are yet to come. Jesus said it himself when speaking of his Father in Matthew 7:11 that God gives good gifts to his children who ask of it from Him. Praying God’s will and not your own helps direct your steps in the path God wants you. 


Following this model will help you pray with more focus and effectiveness. Today, practice praying the way Jesus showed you.