The Drive


Gimme, Gimme!

Imagine with me that you are in your favorite store, walking the aisles looking for your next purchase when all of a sudden your focus is broken by a screaming toddler. No, no, they aren’t hurt; they have been overcome by a case of the "gimme, gimme’s"! You are witnessing the conversation between a seemingly patient and slightly embarrassed parent and their child who seems to only know how to say “I want it, I want it!”

We have all probably seen this, and it isn’t comfortable for anyone, especially the parent. As children of our heavenly Father, none of us would dare to think that we could be like this small child who just wants things and never considers how it makes our Father feel. This can sometimes be the case. Just because you are much older than a toddler you aren’t guaranteed that you won’t have to deal with a case of the “gimme gimme’s” in your own life. So, before you ask anything of the Father be careful to give Him all that you are. 


We really learn how to receive after we have truly learned to give.  Learn to give; it makes getting a whole lot better.