The Drive


Don't Quit Praying

If you’re like most warm-blooded human beings, you’re prone to grow discouraged when things don’t happen as quickly as you want or think they should. It’s completely natural to grow anxious or impatient when things don’t happen on “your” timeline. However, an amazing thing happens when we combine God’s will with our faithful persistence in our prayer life.

The prophet Daniel had an incredible supernatural encounter with a messenger from heaven. In Daniel 10, Daniel writes that for 21 days he continually fasted and prayed for an answer to a vision he had. For 21 days he heard nothing, but he continued to seek for the answer to that vision. Finally, after the 21 days had passed, this messenger from heaven came and supernaturally gave him the answers he was searching for. This messenger, however, was held up by the demonic forces of hell, or it would have come sooner. The point is, keep seeking, keep asking, keep knocking. God hears you and will answer every petition you bring up.


God is in the business of giving good things to his children who approach Him in humility. Humbly keep asking, seeking, and knocking for the things you want to see God do in your life. Don’t quit out of frustration. You never know when that breakthrough is coming!