The Drive


When You Give

I wonder if you have ever heard the phrase, “You are never more like Jesus than when you give.” What if this phrase became the mantra for every single believer? Or what if it we said it this way, “I’m more like Jesus when I give.” What a true statement! Let’s look at what Jesus actually gave. He gave his time, to minister to those who were lost and to those who believed. He gave of his talent, Acts 10:38 “… he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil.” He gave thousands of people food. Jesus gave ALL of himself. He gave compassion. He also gave second chances; just ask the man hanging beside Jesus on a cross. He would be able to tell you accurately how much Jesus gave. 

Jesus never gave to get and there was never a time when Jesus had to be reminded to give. He looked for opportunities and expected to give. How about you? When it’s time to pay your tithe or give an offering, or give to missions and fulfill that pledge you made, will you give? Those who love Jesus should never have to be reminded to give. We should look for ways to give, excited at the opportunity to love Jesus and be more like him.


Jesus gave to give, he didn’t give to get. When you give, will you give to get? Or will you give to be more like Christ?