The Drive


Give For Today

As a parent I have learned many things and continue to learn many more. One of my favorites has to do with my relationship with my one and only child, my son. I love to give to him! If he and I go to the store together there is a good chance that we will be looking at cars, trucks, Legos, or some Nerf gun that we can shoot stuff with. There is also a good chance we will be taking something home with us. Of course, I can’t give him everything, although my heart wants to give him everything his heart desires. Every day he is provided for, with all that he needs, and sometimes a little more.

This causes me to see how much God wants to provide for me even more than I want to provide for my son. We see God’s concern for our daily needs in The Lord’s Prayer. 

I believe God specifically makes mention of our daily needs being provided for because He doesn’t want us worried about the things we need. Maybe it’s because He wants us more concerned about giving Christ to those around us. As He makes certain that our needs are met, we need to make sure that the need of the world is met and that need is the gospel being preached. Today the world needs to know the hope that you have. Today the world needs to know the peace you have. Today the world needs to know the joy you have. Today.


Since God makes sure you have these things, make sure you give them to those around you today.