Christmas Devotionals For Families


Christmas Card Prayers

As we are in the month of December, no doubt your family will begin to receive Christmas cards and photo cards.

It’s fun to look at the photos and see how everyone has changed in a year, where they went on vacation, and what their new dog looks like, but what exactly do you do with all those Christmas cards? Do you have a place to hang them up? Or do they end up in a stack on the kitchen counter or coffee table?

A meaningful way to make use of those cards is to pray for each family that sends a card. Whether you display them, or collect them in a bowl or basket, put them where you will regularly see the cards and remember to pray for them as a family.

God’s word says to “pray constantly,” and what better way to accomplish that than by leaving out those reminders to pray for your friends and family. If you know of specific requests for those families, why not write out those needs on the back of the card?

Let's not forget to lift up our loved ones during this special season.