Christmas Devotionals For Families

Christmas Devotionals For Families

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Holy Days

Have you ever wondered where we get the word holidays? It comes from an old English word for holy days, days set aside for religious reasons. The word was later changed to mean any day that was set aside for celebration, fun, and a break from the regular work.

I love, though, that the concept came from “holy days.” Throughout the Bible, we see God guiding His people to set aside time to celebrate and have fun, as well as to remember the work he had done. That cycle of remembering and celebrating reminded his people of who took care of them, who provided for them, and who was guiding them. 

God is not a killjoy who never laughs and never has any fun. Our God loves to rejoice and celebrate and He loves to see His children delight in him. In fact, Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding, a large party indeed!

So as you go from Christmas pageant to party to church to family time this season, feel free to actually enjoy yourself. Rejoicing in what God has done honors Him. Remembering what He has done keeps our heart in tune with His.


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Christmas Devotionals For Families

Push pause on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and take the time to prepare your hearts for the Christmas season as a family. With reflections on Christmas songs, meaningful activities, and meditations on the ...

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