Christmas Devotionals For Families

Christmas Devotionals For Families

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Christmas in Action

When I was growing up, Christmas time was always such a magical season to me. The lights, the music, food, family; it was always such a special, loving time. But for many families, Christmas isn’t always bright and shiny.

As God’s kids, we have the opportunity to bring a little extra light and love to those who are hurting during this time of the year. Below are some ways you can put the Christmas spirit in motion this month:

  • Deliver Christmas cards to a local nursing home with a parent or Sunday School class.

  • Find a local group that is making care packages for soldiers overseas and contribute your own care package.

  • If your church or school sponsors a gift program for foster kids or an orphanage, find out how you can pick out a gift for a kid your own age who needs some extra love.

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Christmas Devotionals For Families

Push pause on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and take the time to prepare your hearts for the Christmas season as a family. With reflections on Christmas songs, meaningful activities, and meditations on the ...

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