Christmas Devotionals For Families

Christmas Devotionals For Families

DAY 4 OF 14

That Holy Night

Sure it was messy. Most definitely it was stinky and noisy. Lowly? Yes. Undignified? Probably.

But I'd like to think there was a small moment the night Jesus was born that took Mary and Joseph's breath away. That held the shepherds captive for a few seconds. That even the animals ceased from eating, from mooing, and from shuffling in their stalls- just for a moment.

The hushed awe. The reverence. The had to be tangible.

"O holy night..."

There is much about Christmas that can be noisy. The crowds swarm, the ads never stop, even certain songs have clamorous lyrics:

"O how they pound, raising their sound!" 

"Jingle all the way!" 

"Ding dong merrily on high!"

But this song bids us to still our tongues and quiet our hearts. It bids us to come to a position of reverence and to simply listen and worship.

"Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices..."

In small ways throughout the season, we can quiet our hearts to worship and listen. Being humble and listening are not qualities our society usually elevates. It's all about making sure your voice is heard and that everyone knows you are the greatest.

But maybe that can be laid aside. By humbling bowing, the shepherds declared that Christ is Lord. May our lives reflect the same this Christmas season.


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Christmas Devotionals For Families

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