Christmas Devotionals For Families

Christmas Devotionals For Families

DAY 7 OF 14

To the Shepherds First

Do you know who first received the news that Jesus had been born in a manger? If you guessed shepherds, you were right. The angels visited some nearby shepherds first to give them the good news.

Now, you might not think there is anything weird about this, but it was odd for the shepherds to get the word first. Shepherds were looked down on in Jesus’ time; taking care of sheep was considered lowly, dirty work.

Shepherds definitely weren’t the ones you ran to with important news.

Even in our own day, we tend to focus on whoever is the prettiest, the most powerful, and the most popular. But Jesus sets a different example. He isn’t concerned about status or outward appearances. He is concerned about your heart. Is your heart in a place to receive him?

The shepherds were in a place to receive Christ that night. Are you in a place to receive from God? Or are you more concerned with what other people think about you?

As you reflect on the fact that shepherds heard the good news first, and the fact that Jesus calls himself our shepherd, may you embrace that same attitude of humility.


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Christmas Devotionals For Families

Push pause on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and take the time to prepare your hearts for the Christmas season as a family. With reflections on Christmas songs, meaningful activities, and meditations on the ...

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