Christmas Devotionals For Families

Christmas Devotionals For Families

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The Greatest Gift

I remember as a kid Christmas day taking so long to get here. The days and weeks leading up to our family celebrations seemed to be the longest of the whole year!

In the midst of enjoying yummy food, opening gifts, playing games, and carrying out trash bags full of wrapping paper, I hope you stop and make room in your heart for thinking about the greatest gift ever given: Jesus. 

Clothes wear out and go out of style. Toys break or get donated. Candy gets eaten. But the gift of salvation never breaks, wears out, or goes out of style. If you have chosen to accept Christ as your savior, then you have already received the best gift anyone could ask for.

If you haven’t done that, consider making today the day you accept that gift. 

If you would like to accept the gift of salvation, pray these words: 

Dear Jesus, thank you for being the greatest gift ever given. I know I need your gift of salvation because I have messed up and can’t fix it on my own. Come into my heart and save me. Help me to learn about you and follow you. Thank you for your love and grace. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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Christmas Devotionals For Families

Push pause on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and take the time to prepare your hearts for the Christmas season as a family. With reflections on Christmas songs, meaningful activities, and meditations on the ...

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