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Have you ever needed restoring?

Perhaps you made a mistake, hurt someone, forgot who you were for a second and did something you would later regret.

One of Jesus' closest friends and most devoted followers needed restoring. His name was Peter. As the rooster crowed three times, Peter denied his Rabbi just like he said he never would. The godly confidence that once inspired him to step out of a boat and walk on water was crushed by the shame of it all. So Peter returned to what he knew... fishing.

Place yourself in the story. The disciples have heard rumours that Jesus has risen from the dead. After a night of unsuccessful fishing, they approach the beach only to find a man yelling at them telling them to cast their nets over the other side of the boat. Peter is agitated and curious all at the same time. They give it a go and find their nets breaking under the weight of the catch. Peter realises the man on the beach is Jesus and doesn’t wait. He dives in and swims to shore because maybe, just maybe, there’s still hope left in his story.

“ you love me more that these?” Jesus asked.

More than what?

More than your nets overflowing with fish. More than your livelihood, expertise, security, sense of identity and success. Do you love me more than these?

“Then feed and take care of my lambs.”

Jesus restored Peter through His invitation into mission, but Peter first needed to walk away from a net filled with fish. He needed to lay down the thing that brought him security, identity and success.

You can’t really step into more of Jesus and His mission unless you leave your nets behind. It’s going to require some bold moves and very quickly you’ll realise that convenience is the antithesis of calling. 

What are your nets? What brings you security? Where do you feel successful? What makes you feel like you? 

Do you love Him more than these?