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Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it cannot bear much fruit.

Sin keeps us from being fruitful.

Pruning is when God takes away something good. Discipline is when he takes away something bad, yet they feel the same. When it hurts, a good thing to do is to discern whether we’re being pruned or disciplined.


In the Judean wilderness, Jesus was being pruned. He faced temptation and had to deny Himself. For Jesus, denying Himself meant not just doing whatever He wanted, but living with the Father in mind.

During these 40 days, Jesus was getting ready to launch His ministry. This was the culmination of thirty years of preparation time where He learned the Father’s agenda. As Christ began His ministry, He had a clear sense of His purpose and priorities. God’s word was enough, He lived with the Father in mind and He trusted the Father with His destiny.

Jesus rarely talked about enduring the cross. He always talked about going back to His father. Don’t focus on your cross, your suffering, your service and your sacrifice. Focus on your Father.

That’s the way of the Cross. It’s never about what you lose. It’s about what you gain because of what you lose. In losing our lives we find them.

Are you being pruned or disciplined at the moment?