Kiss Dating Hello

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Make Peace With Your Past

It’s important to reflect back on any past relationships that have left you hurt, brokenhearted and frustrated with dating in general. As you reflect back, there are two perspectives you must see it from. You must see it from your perspective and the other person’s perspective. This will allow you to see it from both sides and keep you from blaming the other person for everything that went wrong in the relationship. When you get caught up in the blame game, it doesn’t allow you to totally forgive and heal from that relationship.  Healing from the past is vital so you don’t carry the hurts from past relationships into a brand new relationship.

Reflecting on past failed relationships is not an attempt to change the past in any way. What happened has happened. Don’t spend time trying to figure out how to change the past. 

This is a journey that should allow you to pinpoint some things that went wrong in any past relationships, and it allows you to take ownership for your part. There may have been some things that you could have done differently as well in the relationship that would have given it a chance to be more successful. Or maybe things were out of your control and you saw the writing on the wall that it was not a good relationship, but you stayed in it anyway hoping things would change.

This is a time where you accept your part and invite God in to heal the hurt from the past. Remember that healing is a process and may not happen overnight. However, if you stay committed to giving every hurt to God, then you will be able to walk out your healing journey so that you can be prepared for a fresh start when the next opportunity to enter a relationship arises.